Wednesday, February 1, 2012

S. N. A Day 3

Social Network Addiction Day 3


11:12 am turn on computer
11:18 am facebook, cafe world, pinterest etc. until:
12:38 pm Comcast Internet went out UGH

12:55 pm Internet came back on
12:58 pm Cafe World...
1:10 pm Internet went out again

1:24 pm Internet came back on
1:25 pm facebook, pinterest, Gmail
1:36 pm Cafe World
2:16 pm recipes
2:20 pm got up from computer

2:49 pm Blogger to start this post
3:05 pm got up from computer

3:24 pm google, amazon, blogger, facebook
3:35 pm got up from computer

4:05 pm blogger
4:08 pm got up from computer

4:42 pm back online, blogger, facebook, amazon etc.
4:45 pm Cafe World
5:00 pm ESPN Fantasy Basketball
5:10 pm done with cafe world
5:11 pm got up from computer

5:12 pm on the laptop to work on Michele's cafe
5:34 pm got off laptop

5:58 pm Blogger, facebook, google news, weather
6:06 pm got up from computer

6:55 pm Pinterest...
7:18 pm facebook cafe world and posting
7:36 pm move to laptop to proof read James' homework, then log into Michele's cafe
8:00 pm Online trying to fix my son's Cruz Reader... this will take a while
8:41 pm cafe and still working on the Cruz...
10:08 pm gave up on finding the cure for the Cruz and getting up from the computer.

10:38 pm facebook and cafe world
11:27pm got off computer

12:11am looking to fix the son's cruz reader again
12:49 am Cruz is frustrating me so I am going to shut down the computer and go to bed.

Total = 9 hours

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