Sunday, February 5, 2012

S.N.A Breakdown

Social Network Addiction Breakdown

Well, here it is. The final calculation of my week long social network addiction log. At the end of 7 days, I logged 59¼ hours online. In days, it breaks down to roughly 2 and a half days. Figure this:

2.5 days/week
52 weeks in a year
totaling 130 days consecutively online in a year.

How disgusting is that?

I can say that logging my time has definitely opened my eyes. Obviously I spend way too much time sitting in front of my monitor, worrying about what I am going to miss. So starting today, I am going to try and change this.

My first step has already been accomplished, thanks to Zynga not functioning properly. I have only been in Cafe World once today, and that was just to see about answering requests for others. I put one thing on one stove and haven't been back in since.

Second, I have barely been on facebook at all today, but in all fairness, with it being Superbowl Sunday, there really wasn't much going on. I need to rethink facebook and what it really offers me.

Third, Pinterest. Now, this could truly turn into a sever addiction, but as long as I monitor what I am doing and for how long, I should be able to survive. Something doesn't become a habit until 21 days or more, so I have to make sure that I take it easy on there.

Finally, the one thing I cannot limit is my use of google/pinterest for recipes. In a world where fast food seems to be taking over, I like a home cooked meal that I know isn't mechanically separated meat or soy - made to look like vegetables. I will also not limit myself on oovoo with my friends or gmail, because friends are my line and the mail must go through.

I am not going to log anymore, but I will pay attention to the number of hours I am spending online.

There could be one small problem though - if I get on the phone with Jenn in Italy... there goes any sense or reason online. LOL ;)

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