Saturday, February 4, 2012

S.N.A Day 6

Social Network Addiction Day 6

Ugh - here we go with another day of logging my usage. This definitely sounded like a better idea 7 days ago. Thank goodness I have only today and tomorrow and I am done!

10:16 am turned on the computer
10:23 am blogger, facebook, gmail
10:26 am Cafe World
10:45 am got up from computer

11:12 am cafe world, mine and Michele's
11:37 am pinterest, recipes
12:49 pm got up from computer

1:17 pm recipes, pinterest, facebook, cafe world, fb messaging
1:55 pm calculator to total yesterdays hours
1:59 pm got up from computer

2:52 pm photos, facebook, pinterest, blogger
3:04 pm got up from computer

3:17 pm scentsy, pinterest, facebook, gmail
3:28 pm got up from the computer

3:39 pm pinterest with Jenn
3:51 pm got up from computer

3:59 pm pinterest etc.
4:38 pm google recipes, pinterest, facebook
5:07 pm got up from the computer

9:35 pm facebook, pinterest, cafe world
10:16 pm got up from computer

10:26 pm pinterest, facebook - actually, I don't know what I am really doing. Force of habit I guess. Just sitting here doing nothing of importance.
10:28 pm blogger to put in my Snickerdoodle Bread Recipe
10:49 pm Pillsbury
10:55 pm pinterest, facebook
11:04 pm signout and sign into Michele's cafe
11:06 pm log back into my fb...
11:08 pm got up from computer

11:14 pm google looking for an HTML designer, changing the outer wrappers and main wrappers and sidebar wrappers on my blog
11:38 pm pinterest, facebook
12:08 am got up from computer

12:16 am blogger, pinterest, facebook
12:23 am ebay
12:28 am IMDB, pinterest
1:04 am Cafe World
1:13 am calculating my logged time
1:20 am turned off computer

Total = 7 hours

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