Thursday, February 2, 2012

S.N.A Day 4

Social Network Addiction Day 4

11:11 am turn on computer
11:18 am facebook messages
11:19am google to help a friend with her laptop problem
11:36 am Cafe world
11:48 am log out and log into Michele's cafe
12:10 pm got up from computer

12:25 pm facebook messages
12:29 pm research to help friend with laptop problem
12:45 pm blogger to start this
1:00 pm got up from computer

1:30 pm facebook messages, facebook
1:45 pm cafe world clicks
2:09 pm cell phone going crazy. Phone calls and fb at the same time!
2:50 pm still researching to fix the son's Cruz reader
3:01 pm got up from computer

3:34 pm cafe world, blogger, amazon, company's coming
5:24 pm got up from computer for dinner

6:35 pm facebook messages, blogger and Cafe World
6:45 pm laptop to do Michele's cafe
6:59 pm back on desktop
7:09 pm    Don't even begin to try and guess what the heck I was doing LOL
7:19 pm got up from computer

8:45 pm facebook, amazon,blogger
8:09 pm start updating firmware for Son's cruz reader
9:26 pm got up from computer

9:45 pm laptop to proof read for hubby then cafe for Michele
10:05 pm back to my desktop
10:27 pm got up from the computer/cruz/laptop

10:59 pm cruz, ESPN basketball,, blogger, facebook, cafe world, amazon, gmail, swagbucks
12:10 am facebook messaging
12:14 am on the cruz trying to update the andappstore
12:49 am got up from computer

1:14 am facebook, cafe world
1:50 am turn off the computer

Total = 10 hours

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