Tuesday, January 31, 2012

S.N.A Day 2

Social Network Addiction Day 2


11:33 am Turn on computer
11:36 am gmail
11:37 am facebook
11:38 am Cafe World... until 11:55am
11:55 am log out of my fb and log into Michele's Cafe
12:09 pm log out of Michele's and log back into mine
12:10 pm Pinterest
12:16 pm got up from computer

1:04 pm facebook, Pinterest, IMDB, Cafe World (from 1:04 - 4:00 pm) Gah!
4:00 pm got up from computer

5:27 pm facebook, Pinterest, Cafe World, google for recipes, Blogger: adding info to this post - constantly going through pages and games... got up from computer to go have a smoke etc until:
6:58 pm got up from computer

8:00 pm facebook, Pinterest, google, cafe world, blogger, facebook... it's a vicious cycle   until:
9:07 pm got up from computer

10:17pm facebook, pinterest, YouTube and back
10:46 pm Log out and into Michele's Cafe
11:01 pm log back into my facebook, pinterest, weather, google ugh! It goes on and on...
11:18 pm banking, paid bills
11:24 pm facebook etc...
11:37 pm messaging on facebook
11:39 pm pinterest, facebook, cafe world etc.
12:05 am Cafe World
12:08 am log out of fb log into Michele's cafe
12:10 am log back into my fb
12:12 am inthe00s
12:13 am facebook, cafe world, pinterest
12:17 am google for red kitchen
12:25 am Home Depot
12:27 am Walmart
12:30 am Blogger to start writing this
12:39 am went to facebook to post a goodnight status and thought "It's not likely people care that I am going to sleep..." so I didn't post anything at all.

So yeah, this proved to me today that I spent the better part of the day sitting in front of my computer. Why is it that I am afraid that I will miss something? I know that I am not a self-absorbed individual per se. but I must think that something will be posted to facebook for me to be so attached to it. Can I say I honestly read every single post? No. I do check on my niece's page and I do check my dad's, step-mom's and sisters' pages. I check on friends I consider near and dear. But I do not 'stalk' every single post. Why do I feel the need to be connected all day long???

 I can hardly wait to stop tracking this and it is only Day 2.

Turning off the computer once I post this.

Total = 9 Hours


  1. I am very interested in this log. I might do it myself. Although as of late, I am not on the computer as often (at least I don't think so) but I do have my iphone so... could you imagine if you had a smart phone how much more you'd be on FB?

  2. Honestly, I probably would still at my computer and avoid the phone. It was cool when I first used James' cell, but the novelty wore off for me. I think I am hopelessly addicted... lol