Friday, February 3, 2012

S.N.A Day 5

Social Network Addiction Day 5

10:35 am turned on computer
10:48 am facebook, gmail, blogger
10:51am got up from computer

11:17 am Cafe World
11:27 am got up from computer

12:50 pm facebook
1:00 pm oovoo with Jenn
1:10 pm got up from computer

1:25 pm pinterest, facebook messaging, blogger youtube, amazon, pinterest
2:52 pm during this time I am on the phone with Jenn and she is telling me to look at this and view that and she is sending me emails... Haha! I got to blame you first Jenn!!!
2:59 pm gmail, amazon, pinterest, cafe world
4:21 pm got up from computer

6:48 pm google recipes
7:22 pm Cafe world, log out of mine and into Michele's
7:41 pm log out of Michele's and back into mine
7:46 pm pinterest, facebook, blogger, amazon, walmart
7:55 pm got up from computer

8:44 pm amazon
8:58 pm proofread James homework
9:21 pm got up from the computer

{At this point, I am pretty much wanting to shut down the computer just so that I don't have to log anymore, but then that wouldn't be a fair survey, now would it? lol}

9:33 pm facebook, ESPN Basketball, amazon
9:54 pm cafe world clicks
11:04 pm cafe world
11:19 pm log out of mine and log into Michele's
11:28 pm logged back into my fb.
11:29 pm contemplating turning off the computer. It will all be here in the morning...
11:30 pm got up from the computer

12:09 am pinterest, gmail, amazon, facebook
12:47 am got up from computer

(I am waiting on Michele's cafe, if you can believe that...)

12:54 am fb messages
12:57 am log out of mine and log into Michele's Cafe
1:06 am log back into my facebook - messages
1:12 am shutting down computer

I am exhausted and really don't want to look at this anymore so I will do the total time tomorrow.

ETA: Total = 8 hours

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  1. I think there are timers for online usage. I'm trying
    to get my computer time down and YMCA time up.