Sunday, February 5, 2012

S.N.A Day 7

Social Network Addiction Day 7

11:21 am turned on the computer
11:30 am facebook, blogger, USPS
11:41 am Pinterest
11:44 am Cafe World
11:57 am got up from computer

12:09 pm fb messages
1:11 pm log out of mine and into Michele's cafe
1:21 pm log out of Michele's and back into mine
1:22 pm got up from computer

3:23 pm facebook, pinterest, blogger
3:58 pm got up from the computer

4:19 pm gmail, pinterest, facebook
4:45 pm got up from computer

6:12 pm amazon, pinterest, facebook
6:36 pm got up from computer

6:51 pm bed bath and beyond, facebook and Cafe World
7:14 pm got up from computer

Now, I don't know if I should log this, because technically, I am on the internet... Playing COD MW3 with hubby, Joe Leone and some other people...

7:35 pm COD MW3
10:43 pm got up from xbox cod mw3
10:44 pm fb, blogger, pinterest
10:58 pm got up from the computer

12:44 am facebook, pinterest, gmail etc
1:32 am cafe world
2:00 am shutting down computer

Total =  8.75

With tomorrow will come a final breakdown of my week of internet usage. For now, I am exhausted and just want to go to bed. Superbowl tomorrow. Good night.

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