Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 6

I'm cranky.

The day started out bright and early for me! I got up and headed over to Colleen's for her birthday. I made it there by 9:45am! Yep, everyone knows that is early for me! Of course I rode my bike - it was so beautiful out at that time!

I helped Colleen get stuff started and we went and picked up the fruit tray she ordered. She left to go to the spa, and I stayed in a house full of New Jericans! What a trip! (I call them that because they are all from New Jersey and are Puerto Ricans lol) Her entire family family was so great and super friendly.

I spent the next 2 hours making potato salad and house salad, as well as cutting up tomatoes and onions and lettuce for hamburgers. Little did I know that the hamburgers had already been eaten and we didn't need the toppings! Colleen's dad did all the grilling - I called him Chef Papi! He went to town on everything. Chicken, burgers, beer brats, hot dogs, ribs, steak... there was enough to feed an Army! (Pun intended!)

Colleen came back from her spa day and she looked so relaxed and refreshed. We all ate, well pigged out is more like it, and then it poured down rain! Fabulous! Of course, by this point I was completely exhausted, so I waited until the rain subsided and then hopped on my bike to head home.

The ride home wasn't bad at all. It was still drizzling, but it actually felt good on my skin. I took my time, smelling the rain and the buds on the trees and grass. I wish my allergies weren't the way they are because I would sit outside and smell everything all day long. Anyway, I made it to my community and was about to tackle the hill. A couple of pumps and I knew there was no way I was going to make it up riding! Off I got and walked the bike up like a little kid. It is weird how one day I can accomplish it and the next I can't even come close!

When I got home, my right knee was killing me. Not sure if everyone knows, but in '92 I had my knee operated on. All throughout high school I had problems with it dislocating all the time. Never mind the fact that I wouldn't give up playing sports in order to let it heal! So they went in and rebuilt my knee cap, put in some screws and them some staples in the tendons... good as new. Well, it seems in my quest to ride my bike every day, I am working muscles I haven't worked in a while. This has my knee agitated a bit. When I walk it feels like I am hyper-extending it, which of course I am not, but still the pain feels real enough. Anyway, I laid my tired butt down for an hour, which was a complete mistake. I woke up cranky and disgruntled. Nothing was going to please me no matter what it was or what I did. I was hungry again but too irritated to try and make something to eat. I was thirsty but I didn't want just water or the 7-Up that's here. I wanted chocolate but I wanted something salty. I wanted ice cream but there wasn't any here. Nothing could please me!

I talked to Misti and was complaining to her about how crotchety I was and all she did was laugh at me. She said "let's go crash Jenn's fire" and of course I was like "I am not going anywhere!" lol I am so evil when I am like that. I finally decided that I was going to have to get up in the top of the garage in order to get my knee brace and told Misti that was what I was going to do. She said she was going to come over... She shows up as I am trying to hang like am onkey from the rafters in the garage! Picture this - I am standing on my bike seat, balanced by the rafters and a tool box. I tried to get up - first attempt failed! Misti thought I was going to fall and bust my head! I thought out another strategy and succeeded! Here I am, up in the garage, searching through all of my darling husband's crap, trying to find my baseball bag in order to get my dang knee brace! I threw one bag to the side and Misti just about had a heart attack. I guess when it landed it loosened off one of the 2x4's that I was standing on and it popped through the bottom! Oops. All was good though because I found my knee brace and made my way down out of the rafters. It was definitely harder getting down than it was getting up, but I made it without a scratch!

So yeah, put the knee brace on, took some ASA and felt much better.

Another day - another adventure!

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