Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 12


Well, turns out I should have rode yesterday because today was flippin cold! I was still going to ride because I wanted to get some ice, but it being cold and wanting ice doesn't really mix. I procrastinated all morning and well into the afternoon. I was thinking about finally getting ready and heading to the commissary, when Misti called to see what I was doing. I explained to her that I was being a wimp, I didn't want to ride in the dang cold but that I was going to anyway. She told me what she had been doing all day (of which I cannot speak because I am not sure who is reading this), and said she needed to go somewhere for something. So I jumped on it and told her I would go with her! And of course I invited myself to her house afterwards!

About 30 minutes later I was out the door. Funny thing is though, I had a bag with me that had my slippers and flannel pj pants in it! Haha! I was going to be comfortable at all costs! We did what she needed to do and I picked up some new markers and bristol board for some of the decorating I am still doing for James' homecoming.

We went back to Misti's, did some stuff, ordered pizza and I got a Philly cheese steak sandwich. Poor Jarred was trying to get me to throw the football so bad! But if it was too cold for me to ride, it was too cold for me to play football! I promised him that I would come over one or 2 days this week to throw the ball just for him. See, Jarred is almost 12 and it has to be hard on him with Durwood being gone and Misti having to watch after Colton all the time. And of course I am a Tom Boy at heart, so throwing the ball with him is second nature for me. I love it and I even like it a bit when all the neighborhood kids come and join in - except for these 2 little girls that live on the street. They drive me mad!!

James called me while I was there! Talk about being over-joyed. We didn't really talk about much but it was a nice phone call nonetheless.

Anyway, I finally got home from Misti's around 1 am. I sat up for a while and then went to bed. Nothing too exciting at all.

Don't forget your reflective belt!

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