Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 11


I didn't ride today. Instead I went out with Misti so she could turn some paper work in at Clark Hall. I kept Colton occupied - or at least tried to. Most of you know I am not a kid person, and I don't like kids at all! Haha! At least that's what I keep telling myself. Maybe one day it will be true.

We stopped in to see Michele and well, I will leave out what she thought about my attire. Left there and went to the commissary. I bought like 3 cases of water because I had been totally out of water for almost 4 days! I refuse to drink the water on post because it tastes like crap and there have been a couple of times that the water doesn't meet the standards... ie. it fails! I won't even use a filter system for it. Not me! And I know that the water I buy is most likely filtered water, but I don't care. Tastes much better in my mind and I know it didn't come out of my tap!

Ya, so I went over to Misti's for a couple of hours then went home. To be honest, I am writing this on Saturday, so I can't really remember what I did Thursday night. Old age is catching up with me I guess. It must not have been too exciting. I know I talked to Jenn and Michele, and I even think I talked to Momma Haley.

Not too much but I am sure if I am forgetting something, one of my friends will remind me! lol

Be safe! Wear a helmet!

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