Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 8


You've got to love the North Country in order to put up with 4 seasons in one day! It was cold and raining this morning when I woke. I will admit that I was hoping it would rain all day because I really didn't feel like riding anywhere today. No such luck though. By the time I had showered and dressed, the rain had passed and it looked as if the sun was trying to shine.

So, I donned my knee brace - that's a story in itself! I washed the brace last night in warm soapy water while talking to Jenn on the phone. I Used mild detergent and rubbed it together, did all the things you would normally do when washing by hand. No biggie. I left it to soak for a while, went back to it and pulled it out to rinse it off and such. Well... when I pulled it out of the sink, the water left behind looked like heavy steeped tea! I am not kidding! Now, I can't tell you when I last washed it, if at all and I have had the brace since probably '95! Yes, that is disgustingly gross! Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

So, like I said, I donned my knee brace, and headed out. The ground was already dry and it was still overcast, but the clouds were white and not grey. I hopped on my bike and took off. Everything pretty much normal. I pulled out onto Po Valley and was going about my business. I happened to look down at the ground and almost wiped out!! Right to the left of my front tire was a baby turtle and I missed running him over by millimeters! Picture me, on the bike, seeing the turtle and swerving my bike to miss the little sucker! oOo and a crazy "aaahhhhhh" coming loud and clear out of my mouth! Haha! Too funny. But I spared his life - I just hope he didn't head out to the road. Spared by my bike to only get run over by a vehicle!

Carrying on, I made it to the PX in record time. 12 minutes. The line at Subway was pretty long but I got through quick enough. Bought Michele and I lunch then headed to Clark Hall to meet her. Had a great lunch with her and all of the lovely women she works with. I love them ladies! I hung out until a little after 1pm, when my cell rang. I didn't recognize the number but thought I should answer it anyway. Good thing I did! It was my friend at Gamestop calling to tell me the most amazing news! This news of course I won't relay until I accomplish it! Heehee, are you annoyed?

I left Michele's work and went back over to the PX. Went to Gamestop, talked for a bit, and then I was heading to clothing sales, because Jenn told me I had to get this ribbon that is there. Well, first she told me to get it, then she told me not to get it, and then finally said to get it! She's crazy! So as I walk down, I see that Rachel is working today, so of course I have to stop and talk. Nothing too exciting, just shooting the shyt and talking about when our husbands come home. Then Tabby walked in and of course we started talking all over again! Gotta love that no matter where you go, you are bound to run into someone you know!

I finally left to go get my ribbon, stopped by to say bye to Rachel and Tabby and hopped on my bike to head home. I took my sweet time going home, because now the sun was out and it was so warm! No incidents at all going home. When I got into our community, I thought I would stop by and see Jodi. Well Kelly was there too and they informed me that they were just talking about me! My ears weren't burning though. So we planned to do something this weekend - it's a secret. Can't divulge the info because some people apparently read my blog and I wouldn't want them to know what we are planning - it might have to do with them! ;)

I walked with them to meet the kids at the bus stop and then I got ready to head out. Rode my bike home and of course walked up the hill. I believe it is the problem now for sure because my knee isn't hurting much at all. That and wearing my knee brace!

So now I am home and it is getting chilly outside. 4 seasons remember! Jodi is supposed to stop by tonight and drop off a shelf I bought from her garage sale... she was supposed to do that this morning but she forgot about me. :( How can someone forget about me? Haha!

Tomorrow Tabby is going to drop off her laptop! w00t! I love fixing computers. Nothing can stop me and if I run into a barrier, I just call my tech support... my Dad!

Tam rides again!!!!

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