Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 9

The Bicycle Diaries of a Non-Bicycle Day

Yep, I didn't ride my bike today. It was rainy and dreary, chilly and sad. Not much more I can say to describe today. I slept in to begin the day, had a shower and got dressed. No sooner was a ready and it began to pour rain. Fun.

I ended up going with Misti and Ashley, we did a little bit of shopping - nothing too special. Went to the thrift shop and I discovered that Misti is not a thrift store girl. Her and Ashley discovered that I am a cracker and can imitate Elmo. Apparently some kid was freaked out by the voice! I would have loved to see his face! Even the sales lady told me I scared the kid. Great! I scare kids now! lol

Went to the PX, nothing exciting there. Had lunch and messed with Travis and Colton. I gave Travis some chocolate from my cookie and he loved it! And believe it or not, he had my finger in his mouth and I was only bothered by my OCD after the fact. I couldn't wait to get home and wash my hands! I am a freak!

Anyway, I got home a little later than planned and Tabitha came over with her laptop. Bliss! We sat at the table, shooting the breeze while I sped up her laptop. No biggie and actually it was nice to not have a huge challenge. I showed her that the house we live in is really a closet! Hardly anyone believes that this place is so small. It was a great visit until the idiot from downstairs came and knocked, claiming someone was parked in "his place". Idiot. The spots in the driveway are not assigned. I don't know how long it is going to take them to get it through their heads!!

Talked to Michele for a while, listened to a lot of music, tried to find the box set of dvd's that I want and now I am writing my blog. Pretty uneventful day. And I like it.

Gorgeous day tomorrow, so there will definitely be a riding blog to read.

Sure, sure

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