Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 5

My day started with a phone call at 7:48 this morning. It was the Radiology dept at Carthage Area Hospital telling me that the Dr. who I was scheduled to see today was called away to Albany to do emergency constructive surgery. Fine by me! To be honest, I am not looking forward to them telling me that I broke my toe and it didn't heal right etc.

I went back to sleep of course. So when I finally got out of bed, I turned on the computer and was about to play around, when Michele called me. Newsletter business... here we go! So I had to sit here and re-vamp the newsletter, make it a double issue because it was never approved for April. Michele's ears must have been burning because I was cussing her out while working on the newsletter! Needless to say, I managed to pull it off and get it sent back to her and Stephanie! w00t!

Outside... what can I say? It was a beautiful day, and so the bike riding commenced! I rode form the house to the PX because I wanted to check out some of the decorations and I had to buy Colleen a birthday gift. (Her birthday party is tomorrow, nothing like leaving it to the last minute right!) I bought a few more things, bought Colleen her gift and of course bought some subway. Found out as well that today was the last day for our Subway guy - he is moving home to Mississippi! :(

As I was leaving the PX, I ran into Amanda and Kirstie! Amanda told me that she has lost 16 pounds in a month... good for her!!! And Kirstie said she has to start walking again. Trust me - it is hard to get into a regiment, but now that I have hit day 5 I think I am going to be good to go from here on it! Keep it up Girls!

I left the PX and swung by Misti's. It seems logical for me to either swing by Misti's or Colleen's because they are on post. I am not sure I am ready to try and tackle off post yet! I would love to ride over to Jenn's but 1) she has a HUGE hill leading up to her place and my arse would never make it up, even walking, and 2) it would entail me crossing the entire post, riding to her place, riding back and crossing post again! I am doing good but I honestly do not believe I am there just yet! As soon as I am though she won't be able to get rid of me! lol

I finished off my ride by coming home. I was going to stop and see Jodi and Kelly and Kim and the kids (wow - a lot of and's in there!) but they weren't outside so I tackled the hill! Success! Even after my long ride I managed to complete the hill without getting off the bike. Of course, I had to put the bike in first gear and it was like a crawl up, but I did it nonetheless!!!

I'm tired, my thighs are sore, my back is sore, but I feel great! Now I have to make a pasta salad for Colleen's birthday tomorrow and clean the house. Apparently my work is never done!

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