Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 13

It is May right?

I ask because it surely does not feel like May. It feels more like March or November! Rainy and cold. Now I am almost certain that I am not meant to ride my bike this weekend at all. It is a whopping 43°F but with the windchill it feels Like 35°F! And the rain just isn't normal rain, it is the kind that comes in sideways so umbrella's are basically useless. Fun stuff right? Ugh!

I was supposed to go help a friend out this morning, but at 7:30-ish she called to tell me she didn't require my services any longer. SWEET! I crawled back into bed, because I was actually up and getting ready if you can believe that, and slept for another hour. I got up, showered and got ready for the FRG Appreciation Brunch that we had today. I sent Michele a text so that I could hook up with her and all was good to go.

We got to the ACS building and I started setting up the food, while Michele and Stephanie did something else... well, to be honest I knew what they were doing and I was trying real hard not to go look. LOL Michele had brought gifts for people in the FRG who held important positions throughout the deployment, as a thank you. Everyone started showing up...

Now, I will admit that I am not a fan of change. I don't like my structure being messed with, there s a certain way to do things... my way (lol) and I just don't feel comfortable around a lot of new people. Today I was able to finally see how many new people have come back. I hold nothing against them, heck I barely know a lot of them, but to me it just felt weird having these new people around when they haven't been here all year. I get that people go home and they are technically not new when they come back, but from the way we have run things while they were away... they are new to me and they have messed with my structure! Haha! About a month ago, some people started coming back, but it was a slow trickle, so I was able to easily accept them... this is just going to take some getting used to is all. ;)

Michele and Stephanie gave out the gifts and everyone was eating. It was really nice. The Italian Bakery that catered for us is phenomenal! Now came the time for us to thank Michele...

Let me first start by saying that Michele is glue. That's the only way I can put it. She kept our FRG running and full of life throughout this deployment. Several times she has had to listen to some of us vent and complain, but she has always calmed us down and tried to lead us in the right direction. She kept us from killing each other, she had us in stitches laughing over other things, she mediated when needed. I don't think that I could ask for a better FRG Leader and friend. She isn't the type of person who does things, expecting something in return. Everything she does is from the goodness of her heart and so we thought we would show Michele how much we love and appreciate her for being our FRG Leader and friend.

Jodi, Kelly, Misti, Jenn, Casey and I all came together on the idea to get Michele an Edible Arrangement of Chocolate Covered Strawberries... her absolute favorite! I placed the order and collected the money from us all - (Casey... you owe me Girl!!! LMAO), Kelly picked it up this morning and added a balloon to the bouquet. I passed around a card, and then went to Kelly's car to get the bouquet! I brought it in and presented it to Michele. I felt like a goofball trying to come up with something to say, but I managed and of course told her she was the glue! She said later she had to look down or else she was going to cry. Shoot, I am sitting here writing this and almost in tears.

Michele - I love you Girl. No matter where the Army takes you or I, my heart will always be with you. I can't thank you enough for your friendship. xo

Enough mush - I am now home hanging with The Son. He is totally home and planning on spending tonight and all day tomorrow with me. We are going to order Chinese and watch Dr. Parnassius tomorrow, and of course I have to do the wii trade thingy! oOo and he also bought me a gift card for Amazon. I love him so much! He must totally love me or something!

Sunscreen only works when you use it!


  1. I have a blog award for you! You can find it here! Your Blog award

    P.S. I hate new people!

  2. Thank you Girl. Now if I can figure out how to do it as well then I will be gold! ;)