Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 3

I made it up the hill today!!!

Let me start from the beginning!

Last night I was racking my brain trying to remember what I had to do today and I couldn't think of anything. So I slept in a little. I was awakened by my amazing husbands phone call! I love his phone calls. They come maybe once a week if I am lucky, so I enjoy every minute of them! While I was talking to him, Kelly beeped in and I ignored the call, knowing I would call her back when I was done with James.

I called Kelly back only to realize that I was supposed to be at her house at 10 for her Mary Kay party! (As most of you know, I do not wear makeup but I go to parties to be supportive of my friends!) I called Jenn freaking out - because I was talking to her last night when I couldn't remember what I was supposed to do today. She laughed at me and stayed on the phone with me until I was about ready to go! Have to love speaker phone!

I took Daisy outside and realized it was still cold out, so I threw on my vest and headed down to the garage. Of course, taking my bike was the only way I was going to get there real fast! I flew down the hill, my fingers feeling like they were going to fall off from the cold. I crossed the street and ran into Ms. Kim, who told me everyone was at Kelly's. Boy, did I feel stupid walking in and the party was almost over! Needless to say, I didn't buy anything but I booked a party in order to support Kelly's "wish list".

Kelly had to leave to go pick up Grace, so she offered for me to go with her so I could stop at the PX and grab some smokes (yes, I am still smoking) and naturally I bought myself a crack bread from Subway. Flat bread = Crack Bread for me! I swear Subway puts something in their food to make you crave it even more! Anyway, as we were leaving Kelly's, I managed to spill coffee on my jeans, making it look like I peed my pants! No biggie - I am not worried what other people think, and most know I do not go out in public looking all dirty and nasty!  ;)

I accomplished everything I needed to and met Kelly outside. We came back to her place, talked for a bit, and I found out that her husband thinks I am a bowling shark out for blood!!! Hmm... I wonder where he heard THAT from? I am going to blame Jenn's husband Dan, and my husband of course! That's a horse of a different color for sure. lol

I left Kelly's, hopped on my bike and headed home. Now, Kelly lives just down the hill and around the corner, so I figured it wouldn't be all that hard going home since I didn't put in a full ride. Was I mistaken? Of course! I peddled my heart out to get enough momentum to try and cruise up the hill. No go! I was huffing and cussing and dying all the way up the hill! But I MADE IT!!! My thighs felt like rocks when I got off the bike but at least I accomplished something today that I thought was going to take me longer. It will of course be harder if I do a full ride, which I am hoping to accomplish by the end of the week. (Good luck chuck!)

So now I am getting ready to go to a Volunteer Recognition thing tonight with Michele. Dress is Business Casual. Fun fun for me! Of course I will take a bunch of pictures - as a mater of fact, I will have to take a picture of the hill as well!

So I am feeling accomplished and energized. I hope this feeling holds out for my entire Bicycle mission!

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