Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 2


Do I really need to say anything more?

I was all set today to get up and meet the girls for lunch at the Dining Facility (DFAC). I was going to ride my bike over because it isn't all that far, but when I opened my eyes and saw that it was snowing, I quickly squashed that idea.

Turns out that my friend Misti sleeps like the dead, so she didn't answer her dang phone the numerous times I called her. My other friend Ashley had just put her son Travis down to nap, so she wasn't going to be able to come for lunch either. Michele had a Steering Committee Meeting - she was out. So that just left Jenn, her son Boston and I for lunch. We went to the DFAC for 11:00 only to find out that it didn't open until 11:30. My fault. I was under the impression that it opened at 11. At any rate, we had a fabulous lunch! I got Pastrami on a Spinach Wrap, a salad, some french fries, because a girl needs some fatty foods, and I finished it off with cheesecake. I grabbed a container of what I thought was strawberry topping for the cheesecake - turns out it was just plain old jell-o. They also had what looked like chocolate pudding, so I grabbed that - but it tasted foul! Boston loved it though! And he was such a good boy! Well behaved and didn't throw a single thing the whole time we were there! Oh - and I taught him to say "Ta-Ta's"... as in boobies! Heehee!

We just about froze coming out of the DFAC, only because some idiot decided to park so close that the van had to be moved forward in order to get Boston's stroller in the trunk! Some people, I tell ya!  

It is a balmy 34° F with a windchill of 24° F! And yes, it is the 27th of April! 

I had the bright idea that I was going to hop on my bike and ride over to the mailbox - for those who know, it is only about 200 feet away from the house! Haha! But then really, what is the point of putting on my helmet and reflective belt, to just roll down the driveway and back up?

So now I am back in the house, with my flannel pj pants on and I am not going anywhere for the rest of the day! (Although I talked to Misti and she said if I decide to go out, I can peddle my butt to her house... love ya Girl but I am not that crazy!) 

I will catch up on some House today and maybe even Lost or V. Staying warm is my goal. Hopefully the snows stops and I will be able to ride and write tomorrow! 


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