Monday, January 30, 2012

S.N.A Day 1

Social Network Addiction Day 1

Today is Sunday and as I said, I am going to log everything I do on the internet, every day for a week. So I am starting with today. Basically, I am just going to outline my days online and then at the end of the week, breakdown my results.

12:40 pm Turned on computer
12:47 pm Facebook
(12:47 - 3:30 pm messaging with a friend on facebook off and on)
12:50 pm Blogger
12:53 pm Cafe World on Facebook
1:02 pm log out of my fb and log into Michele's fb to do her cafe
1:06 pm Gmail
1:16 pm log out of Michele's fb and log into mine
1:22 pm Google News
1:30 pm walk away from computer

1:54 pm Fb messages
1:57 pm looked for pulled chicken recipe - google
2:00 pm checked fb group for my niece
2:02 pm got up from computer

2:28 pm Fb check messages
2:51 pm Fb check messages
2:54 pm got up from computer

4:16 pm double check recipe for pulled chicken
4:49 pm check recipe again for pulled chicken
4:50 pm Facebook - just being nosy and checking the news feed
5:12pm ESPN Fantasy Basketball
5:37 pm Facebook
5:38 pm got up from computer

6:14 pm Fb Cafe World
6:19 pm sign out of my fb and sign into Michele's for her Cafe
6:42 pm sign back into my fb
6:43 pm ESPN Fantasy Basketball
             Facebook - check news feed
7:13 pm Shop My Exchange
7:14 pm got up from computer

7:45 pm Gmail
7:51 pm Fb - checking news feed
7:54 pm Cafe World
7:58 pm inthe00s
8:08 pm fb - news feed
8:09 pm got up from computer

8:25 pm Blogger to start this blog
8:36 pm got up from the computer

8:37 pm remembered I have to do Michele's Cafe - log out and log in
8:53 pm log out of Michele's and back into mine
8:56 pm got up from computer

9:08 pm facebook news feed
9:17 pm google
9:21 pm Pintrest
9:35 pm back to facebook
9:36 pm got up from computer

10:06 pm Blogger
10:10 pm Fb - clicks for Cafe World
10:40 pm IMDB
               Pintrest (this could prove to be highly addictive)
11:10 pm Log out of fb and log in to Michele's cafe
11:16 pm log out of Michele's fb and log in to mine
11:20 pm Pintrest
12:04 am get up from computer

12:06 am back on Pintrest
12:11 am IMDB
12:34 am closed facebook
12:35 am shutting down the computer.

Total = 7.5 hours

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