Monday, March 26, 2012

The Force was Strong Today

For the past couple of weeks I have been participating in my friends' Star Wars T-shirt Friday. Basically, you wear your Star Wars t-shirt, take a picture of it and post it. He would then take it and add it to his blog etc.

Well, today I woke to find that The Force was pulling at me. Drawing me ever closer to wear one of my t-shirts even though it isn't Friday. The Force cannot be denied! So today I threw on my Return of the Jedi t-shirt!

I love it! My friend Christy found it and of course she knew I just absolutely needed to own it! LOL

So my husband came home at lunch today and proceeded to scold me because today isn't Friday. So I told him "... you just don't get how The Force works. It called to me and so I had to put it on!" LOL

Of course, I know I can wear my t-shirts whenever I want, but I also enjoy doing the whole Friday thing. And I have several others I can wear as well. :)

Yep, The Force could not be ignored today!

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