Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bowling, Bar-B-Que and a Fat Lip

I had a great weekend.

Saturday morning started with an early rise and shine to make sure that the house was presentable because Dad and my youngest sister Rhonda were coming in for the weekend. James also rose early to help out. I love my Man.

They were supposed to leave around 8 in order to be here by 10... I received a phone call a little after 9. It was Dad. Car trouble. Seems the curb protector on the underside of the car decided to come off and drag along the highway! So they were at the dealers getting it put back on or taken off or something. They were finally back on the road and heading this way with an ETA of 11:15am!

They made it safe and sound, and with enough time to spare before we had to run out to a bowling tournament put on by the MWR. It was a doubles tourney, so of course James and I were partners. I bowled a 197, 115 and 196. Dad blamed me talking to him and Roo instead of paying attention to the 2nd game. I think it was because my head wasn't in the game and so I wasn't trying to even figure out the lanes. Either way, I improved once Dad told me to go pay attention! lol

We came home and hung out for a bit, then James, Roo, Mike and I headed to the commissary in order to get grub for the nights dinner. Bar-B-Que Baby! Steaks for the guys and burgers for Roo and I. Corn on the cob, potatoes and carrots with garlic on the grill. Fabulous dinner. I don't know why, but I could live on potatoes and carrots in butter and garlic on the grill! For real. I wouldn't need anything else. Then of course it was all followed by mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert.

After we cleaned the kitchen, we were all feeling pretty stuffed and just hanging out with a movie on. Mike fell asleep on the floor, and of course I managed to snag a couple of paparazzi photos of him! James was having a hard time keeping his eyes open, Dad - he was content, and Roo - well, she wanted to french braid my hair. So of course I agreed. It is a rare thing for me to have my hair played with, and I absolutely love it! I tell people that you would think I am into S&M because I love the knots to be yanked out of my hair. Seriously! There is no better feeling that a comb or brush in my hair - as long as it is held by someone other than me...

Ok, anyway, Roo made me wet my hair down and she proceeded to do crazy stuff. She decided against the braid, so instead she did some funky ponytail thing. Then she said she wanted to straighten my hair. I go ahead and plug in my flat iron. She gets to working on my hair while I am desperately holding onto my ears for fear she will burn them off! Haha! Of course she didn't, but I wasn't taking any chances! Then she wanted to curl my hair, so I plugged in the curling iron. She put a couple of spirals in my hair... then she was done. Poor thing.

I gave Roo my flat iron. I don't use it and anymore I only use my big fat barrel curling iron - that is if I even let my hair stay down. And she said hers wasn't all that great - so why not? It isn't a Chi - heck, I am not that rich! lol

About 6 years ago I bought Roo a Cabbage Patch Doll. Haha! It looked exactly like her so that's why I bought it, but at the time she wasn't really into girl things (She is a tomboy like me) and she probably would have just ruined it. (She agrees) So I kept it in the original box. I finally gave it to her last night and she immediately opened it. She loved that it looked like her and even had her dimple. I also gave Roo all the clothes I bought her for Christmas... yeah. I should have wrapped everything because then she would have taken it with her. But out of all of it, she took one shirt. The one from Hollister. Go figure. But it's ok because Tara is coming this weekend and I will give them to her. ;)

Then Roo and I were outside talking, and I tried to convince her that she needs to try out for the Jr. Boys Football Team. She is already on the wrestling team, so I figured why not? I also tried to explain to her that her shoulder pads would be completely different from the boys, because she would need extra protection over her chest. Well, that turned into me acting silly and telling her she would have bullet proof titties! Hahaha! We laughed for a good 10 minutes straight, and then giggled even more for the next half hour. We were coming up with some of the stragest things that could be bullet proof for a woman. Let's just leave it at that! I am surprised we didn't wake dad up because we were laughing so loud!

We finally went to bed. I was awake by 6:30 this morning, so up I got. I scared the crap out of dad. He looked like he was still sound asleep, which surprised me, so I said to him "Daddy-O"! I startled him so bad, he jumped about an inch off the mattress! Haha! Dad got up and of course Roo and I wanted 'cottage' for breakfast. What is cottage? Oatmeal. Yep, oatmeal. So dad made it for us, we had toast and such. Good morning.

Then Roo and I were on the sofa, and for no reason at all, she decided to kick me in the kidneys! What a punk! So I decided to get back at her by tryin gto give her a horse bite. It was working out for a while, but Roo is ticklish real bad. Next thing I know, I get Roo knees in my chin and I bit my lip!!!!!!!! Ugh! Beat up by my baby sister!!! lol

Finally we took pictures, gave hugs and Roo and Dad were on their way back home.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend.

(Bowling tourney - when we left Saturday, we were in first place, but there was a second set, so as of right now, we don't know what place we finished in. Will update when we find out!) ;)

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