Monday, September 20, 2010

Military Ball

There is nothing quite like a Military Ball. Buying dresses, shoes and purses. Getting your hair done, make up and tanning if need be. Oh it is so much FUN! /end sarcasm!!!

This Friday evening I will venture out of my house looking more feminine then some will ever believe. I am going to be wearing a dress and heels, will have gotten my hair done and even gone so far as to get a spray tan. Yep! A spray tan! Ugh.

These Balls follow the Customs of Old World. They are Black Tie events and Formal. Soldiers come in their Dress Greens, or their Dress Blues, and their Dates come dressed to the Nines. The Chain of Command will give speeches, some Soldiers may be given a recognition, a Grog will certainly be held. A delicate meal will be served and then the Ball will proceed. Of course, by this point, most the men will surely be feeling their spirits. ;) Music will play, some will dance, some will leave, but for the most part, quite a few will enjoy themselves.

Ok, now for my point of view. I started this post out with sarcasm, but not because I do not enjoy the Ball... I just don't enjoy being so feminine! I am hoping though that I may have remedied this situation. I have found a dress that I am completely in love with, that I truly believe suits me to a tee!

I love almost everything 17th and 18th Century. I love the idea of Duke's and Lord's, of the Ton, of Etiquette and Propriety. I love the Empire waistlines and Victorian Class. I love the idea of Bowery Street Men, of hiring a Hackney and Petticoats and Pelisses... My dress is similar to this Era.

My dress is why I am very excited about this Ball.

Now look at the femininity coming out of me! Haha! Ridiculous really. However, when I first spied my dress, I was leery. It didn't have the sleeves I was looking for, nor did it have the bodice coverage I wanted. But the color was magnificent and it held every single thing else that I wanted it to have. I fought with myself about the dress, even left the store in search of something else, only to end up back at the store, trying the dress on again. In the end I bought the dress and have been in love with it ever since. I also bought a shrug to wear over top of it, because to me, the shrug completes the Victorian look I am striving to attain.

Alright, so dress complete. Well, almost. I am waiting to get it back from Alterations. Yep, I am a short little sucker! Now, on Wednesday I have an appointment to get a spray tan. Now before you think I am completely weird... I don't go to tanning beds and I don't worship the sun in the summer. I tan but it is mostly a farmer's tan, and would not look right at all in this dress. So I am spray tanning the farmer's tan away and hopefully giving myself a bit of a warm glow. Ugh. I better not come out looking like a carrot!!!

After that, all that is left is to get my hair done on Friday afternoon. I am going for a partial up-do, I think. I want the up-do with the thick spirals and baby's breath from the Victorian Era. Not too much to ask right? lol

So there you have it - I don't like being made up over feminine, but for once I think I am going to enjoy it... because I am actually wearing what I want, and not what current fashion dictates.

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