Friday, October 10, 2008

Get Over It!

Is it just me or are kids and teeens these days completely depressed??? Every time I sign into myspace, their status updates are always about how alone they are, and how sad they are, and how they want and need attention. Trust me kids. You think life is hard now, wait until your bills start rolling in and you actually have to fend for yourselves - then complain about how hard up you are!!!
Get over it already! This EMO bullshit is old, withered, and to use your words... played out! If you think you are not clinging to any "group" or your trying to be different, guess what? You are still a follower!
You live at home, have food in your belly, have clothes on your back, probably have all kinds of electronic devices that some of us old cats never dreampt of having at your age AND you have the internet at your finger tips. Quit your belly aching, get over yourselves and if you are that bored...... get out of the damn house and go do something! You choose what you do and if being a lazy, ungrateful, self-centered little snot is what you think is cool, I will wish you luck now in adulthood.
-end rant

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