Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day Trip to Mexico

Yesterday was an amazing day! James and I had always talked about it, but never really acted on it, but we want to do DayTrips to different places before he deploys again.

Well, we did it yesterday. We went to Mexico!!! Getting there didn't take up too much time so we actually had the chance to do some shopping, took in the sights, talked to locals, and even had a bite to eat before heading home! It was a pretty amazing day to say the least!

I was really surprised to find that the locals' English is pretty good. I didn't need to dust of my Spanish like I thought I was going to have to. Heck! I was surprised to find a bowling pro shop where I bought a new 3 ball bag!!!

The locals:

Hahahaha! And now the signage:

That's Right!!! We went to Mexico NY!!!!! I am a freak, I know, but it was too good to resist. Go ahead and groan, do what you will, but you know you were thinking that we were crazy wasting a ton of money to go to Mexico for one day!!!!
Anyway, Mexico NY is a small little community nestled about 4 miles off of I-81. It is knit to Albion and Parish Communities respectively. And most of these Communities are Amish. We actually went down because in Parish, there is the most amazing Pro Shop, and I needed a new bowling ball bag. Afterwards, we headed to Syracuse to do a little Christmas shopping and then came back to bowl.
Hope y'all have a good one. And please, don't hate me because of my humor.... I have learned from my husband who sees humor where others really don't! Haha! Much love.

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