Friday, September 12, 2008

Summer Fades

How am I going to be able to make it through the winter when I can't even stand the early morning temperatures right now? Dang 46 degrees in the morning and taking the dog out just about freezes my butt off! I am going to be such a wimp this winter!
Fall means bowling leagues start up, which is cool cause I have been dying to get back to it. Saturday nights are going to be the night. It is called the "Music League", which hopefully doesn't turn out to be country. I can handle almost anything but country!! We were late joining so I had to post bowl this past Tuesday. Not too bad! 180, 156 & 155 respectively. Hopefully I can maintain my average. It is going to be hard though because there isn't a travel league up here, so one house and that's it!
I have a hair appt. on Saturday. Fall means out with the chunky highlights and in with the all-over color. Took me a minute but I found a salon that uses Redken Color Fusion - the best for my most stubborn grey! I will post pics if I like how it turns out. As for the cut that I got in the summer - I am letting it grow out. It was ok, and I liked it, but it is too high maintainence for me. I like being able to just throw my hair up and go. So no more cuts except for trims every 3 months!
I miss everyone from Texas so badly. It has been a challenge here to say the least. I have protected myself to the point where I have yet to make any friends. This is my fault, but past experience has taught me not to trust every single person who comes into my life. I know it will work out as it should, but it just sucks right now that the only friends I have are either on the other end of the phone or internet.
I achieved gaining the weight I wanted to - I was down to 124 at one point, my face was sunk in and I looked horrible. Stress will either make you lose a ton of weight or gain a ton. Wish it was more even! Anyway, I am back up to 135 and now comes the task of maintaining. This has proven time and time again to be harder than one would think. I love my Wii Fit, and my personal trainer on it rocks, but he gets on my nerves when I am really tired and he keeps on pushing me! I have come close to almost throwing the dongle at the tv, but have had to remind myself that the tv will cost me more than the relief. HAHA
Much love to all, you are in my prayers.

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