Thursday, March 20, 2008

Who knew Family would be like this?

People piss me off! As most of you know, my Aunt who was like a mother to me passed away in November. I am still dealing with this loss daily, and slowly but surely, I am getting by. Surprisingly it does get easier with each passing day. But I never realized how truly money hungry people are!

Annie didn’t have a will or life insurance. Instead Annie had this superannuation thing that she paid into for years through her job, which also came with death benefits and such. My Mom is the beneficiary and she was the only one named. No sooner did relatives find this out, they started coming out of the woodwork, acting like they were best friends with Annie, with their hands out looking for something that might be coming to them! I know this happens all the time and it is nothing new, but seriously, I never thought in a million years that my family was like this at all!

So, my Mom paid for the cremation and the memorial service (with the help from one of her sisters and one of her nieces) but not so much from anyone else. After the service, give or take a week, her phone starts ringing. "What are you going to do with the money? Who is getting what from Anne? How much are you getting?" Not once did anyone stop to ask my Mom how she was doing!!! Mom and Annie were best friends. They are the two youngest out of 9, inseperable since their teens. And NOT ONE single effing person cared enough to ask my Mom how she was doing! All they cared about was the stupid effing money that was supposed to be coming!!!! As a matter of fact, my Aunt apparently owed one of her brothers money (she borrowed from him) and he called a lawyer, instead of talking to my Mom, and put a lien on my Aunts car in order to get his money back!!! I am so disgusted right now! Annie would be throwing a huge fit right now if she were here and knew what her so called family was doing!

As for my sister and I? We talk to my Mom every day and always ask her how she is doing. Like us, it is getting easier for her everyday as well. Oh and as for money..... my sister and I have both said we want nothing to do with it! Thank goodness we are nothing like that side of the family... except for like our Mom and Annie of course!
(rant 1 - I am sure there are more to come cause it has been a while)

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