Friday, March 21, 2008

Bowling Tournament, Softball, Horton and a Pepsi!

The City Bowling Tournament is this weekend and I am raring to go! Team on Saturday and Doubles and Singles on Sunday. Our team is sponsored by none other than Slaughterhouse Tattoos! So yeah, I have 2 tats but because of the shirts we have to wear,  only one will be visible. In the spirit of fun, us Girls are going to get some fake tattoo’s and put them where they can be seen. Might even help me to decide what and where I want my next tattoo! ;)
James is in the tournament as well, and his team is sponsored by Slaughterhouse as well. His softball team is sponsored by them too. Now, softball is another story all together. I guess I am just overly annoyed by it, but if you have paid to play ball, it would seem logical to show up and play right? All mens team and here goes LaDon the other night having to play because of the 15+ players, only 8 decided to show up! Way to go Girl!!! Show them how it’s done!! Wish I had of been there to scream from the bleachers for ya!!! w00t!
And so it is Easter Weekend. Aside from bowling there really isn’t much else going on I guess. We had planned on doing a dinner thing, but now James bowls in the afternoon on Sunday so I guess we aren’t. We did go the other day to see Horton Hears A Who. What an awesome movie! Loved the entire thing. Brought back lots of memories too, now that I just turned 37.... Good Lawd I am old!
Well, I am going to go drink my Pepsi and head out with James. He needs to get tats touched up yet again... all about him and his tats don’t ya know! LOL

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