Thursday, March 20, 2008

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

It is getting closer! The day that we leave out of the Pain in the arse town! I can’t hardly wait! Of course I don’t want to leave because of the friends I have made, and will always cherish, but the time has come and it must be done!
I will miss the hot summers and very mild winters, I will miss BBQ-ing in December, but I know I can still do that out in the snow. I will miss being so close to three major cities for entertainment and such. I will miss the outlet malls and shopping anywhere but here. I will miss the post having 2 PX’s and Commissaries, because it is the largest post StateSide, all the others have only 1 each. I will miss Yank Sing Buffet, because right now it only appears to be a Texas thing!!!
I won’t miss the crazy storms that pop up out of nowhere, spinning off tornado warnings and hail the size of tennis balls! I won’t miss the restaurants around here, because they all suck (maybe that’s because we have been here too long)!! I won’t miss the flooding downpours, or the windstorms, I won’t miss the fact that there is nothing to do here AT ALL! I am sure I could keep going on what I am not going to miss, but right now my mind just keeps telling me what I will miss.
I will miss my Best Friend, the one who can finish my sentences without me having to say a word. I will miss my Big Brother, for without him life can sometimes seem a little dull. I will miss my Columbian Sister and the BayBaa! Without you life will seem colorless! Oy! It looks like this is heading in a very long direction so I will stop right there for now.
Yep, I am getting ready to leave this place. It has been a blast but the time has come. Adios, so long, farewell, and all that crap! Hahahaha!
Blah blah blah! I know you really dont know exactly what it is that I am talking about but that is how I do things I guess. Everyone knows that I often have brain farts and it looks like this is heading in that direction!! Hahahaha

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