Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's been a while...

Since I have logged in here.

I was told tonight that I am a very busy person anymore, and I guess it is true if you count all the bowling I have been doing and in general just getting out of the house. I guess I go through these phases like I go through my "I don't want to be bothered" phase. My friend says I go through them like I go through tampons! TMI I know! lol

Not much has been happening. I have to update some of you on the deployment and Mike and bowling, I am sure that will eventually come. When? Who the hell knows!!!

Thanksgiving is around the corner, gobble gobble, and then Christmas will be bringing up the rear! Not so much fun knowing that Mike and I will be doing it alone again but hey! What the hell more could I ask for right?

Doing some research, for those who know me know that I am a vast book of useless knowledge, so look for a bulletin from me soon. What it will contain??? Who the hell knows!! (I guess I like that saying right now)

Do you miss me? I miss you! I can't believe that it was almost 2 weeks since my last login - ah well, sue me! I will try and be more up to date but I have stuff going on or off - whatever your pleasure.

K - so that's all for now. Much love and crap!

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