Sunday, June 12, 2011

Daisy and the Skunk - To the Victor goes the Spoils!

Having never encountered true skunk spray, I had no idea that it smells like burning rubber and garlic. To be sure, I always associated the smell that you encounter along the highway or when camping to be the true essence of skunk. Well, I am writing to tell you that we have all been misled.

Yes, tonight, Daisy decided to tousle with a skunk.

I do not know the exact details of the situation, nor do I know what was going through my stupid dogs mind, when she thought she would undertake a battle with a skunk. I suppose battle might be the wrong word, since Daisy was in a fenced yard, and I am sure that the skunk was outside of the yard. Regardless of where either animal was, I heard Daisy kick up the biggest ruckus EVER!! I was watching the basketball game and reading at the same time when I heard her go off.

I got up and went to quiet her, because Janet and Alexis and Little John were all asleep. I opened the door in the garage and was hit with what I recognized at the time as skunk smell. I figured Daisy had startled the skunk, forcing it to spray. So I brought Daisy into the garage and checked her over. She looked fine aside from her hackles being raised and she sneezed a couple of times. The sneezing should have been the key indicator!!!

A few minutes later, Janet yelled down to us that she hoped Daisy hadn't been sprayed, because she could smell it all the way upstairs. Next thing I notice is a smell, like something is burning although I couldn't figure out what. I went back out to the garage, to find the smell doubled, heck - quadrupled in there!!! I couldn't for the life of me figure what what it was. It smelled like Garlic and onions, but like they were burnt and mixed with other spices. Weird. I went outside and couldn't find anything, nothing was burning in the house....

I looked up online about getting rid of skunk smells, because obviously outside still smelled like the 'normal' skunk smell I recognize. Lo and behold - I found that the actual skunk spray smell is in fact GARLIC, ONION-Y and BURNT rubbery!!!!! AARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! My stupid dog did in fact get sprayed!!!!!

Keeping in mind that it is around 10pm, I make my homemade bath soap for Daisy and proceed to take her outside to hose her down. Yep. Hose. Her. Down. It's 50 some degrees outside and the water from the hose is freezing cold! My poor dog! Amidst her yipping at me and struggling to get away, I manage to bath her with the dial and vinegar mixture. She hates me of course.

Then I tackled the garage.
Hosed the garage down and then poured Pine Sol everywhere. Used the shop broom to push it all over, just trying to get rid of the smell. (Not to mention that I also had to throw the clothes I was wearing and Daisy's dog bed in the washing machine with vinegar.) ~sidenote: tomato juice might work but it stains everything RED. I do not want a red dog nor my white hoodie, red.

Scrubbing it down took the better part of an hour with Daisy sitting on the front porch as far away from me as possible. I finished it though, and of course I have left the pine sol and broom out in the garage because I am sure I will have to tackle it again in the morning. I guess James is going to go to walmart in the morning too to try and find something to get the smell out of Daisy, in case my homemade crap doesn't work.

So now I am sitting here waiting for the laundry to finish so I can switch it over to the dryer.

And I am going to take a shower.

Daisy might have won against the skunk - but the 'spoils' are not always what the victor had in mind!

Gah - I love my stupid dog.

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